Moonwatcher Brings the Moon to the Earth


Today there is such excitement in the race to the Moon that Entrepreneurs, Billionaires and Governments are competing to get there.  But not everyone will get to be a part of the action. MoonWatcher will change that by offering 24/7 high definition LIVE access to our nearest planetary neighbor. How will this be used?

  • Teachers around the world will inspire the next generation of space explorers and scientists by bringing the full glory of the Moon into the classroom. 
  • Not everyone has the means or is in a location for a close look at the Moon. Last Friday evening, due to weather, many were unable to see the Full Moon and Eclipse.
  • Periodic meteor and asteroid impacts will be observable.
  • In the very near future, armchair astronomers will watch as spacecraft land, refuel, and bring back resources because the New Space race to the Moon has already begun.

For more information please visit our Kickstarter and let your readers know that the Moon belongs to everyone and with MoonWatcher, the best things in life are free!


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