Millions Will Miss Full Moon Eclipses Due to Weather Until MoonWatcher Launches 2018

MoonWatcher To Make Moon Visible 24/7

Tonight, many people in the country will miss the spectacular images of February’s Full Snow Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Visuals will not be possible since large parts of the United States are in the midst of a winter weather pattern.  In 2018, thanks to MoonWatcher, no one will miss another Lunar event on account of the weather.

The MoonWatcher satellite, mounted with a state of the art camera, will be placed in Low Earth Orbit(LEO) to capture all the amazing Lunar images and stream them Live to the internet with accompanying content.  To make this possible, MoonWatcher has established a crowd funding Kickstarter campaign to raise $150K thru March 12. MoonWatcher is building their first satellite, which will be carried into LEO in 2018.

In LEO the Moon is visible above our weather patterns.  So even if it is raining, snowing, cloudy or you happen to be in the middle of an incredible sand storm all you need to do is open your PC or mobile device and all the fantastic images of the moon, comments by Lunar experts and information will be right at your fingertips.

As Co-Founder of MoonWatcher, MIT’s Blair DeWitt states, “I came up with this idea as I wanted everyone to see the Moon close up, whenever they wanted. Not everyone lives by an observatory or has the means to buy a high-powered telescope. Even if they do, they still will not be able to see the Moon in inclement weather. With MoonWatcher all anyone needs is access to the internet and they can see the Moon 24/7.”

With the Moon accessible to all, teachers will have the opportunity to introduce incredible lunar experiences to the next generation. Students will see the Moon and be inspired. Scientists can study the Moon to find out the latest information and the lunar enthusiast can share the Moon with friends and family.

Imagine a parent reading a child a book about the Moon, opening their PC or mobile device to see the Moon up close and together wishing the real Moon a good night. 

Once MoonWatcher is in Low Earth Orbit no one will ever miss a Lunar Eclipse again!

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