MoonWatcher Will Launch on Virgin Galactic's LauncherOne Bringing the Moon Closer to You


Imagine seeing the Moon as only astronauts have seen it before. Now with MoonWatcher, the FIRST private satellite mounted with a state of the art camera, you will have this amazing opportunity.

Spectacular images of the Moon will stream LIVE to the Internet with accompanying information and featuring the latest lunar news. To accelerate the path to orbit, today MoonWatcher announced a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to raise $150K. MoonWatcher will be putting these Kickstarter pledges towards their first satellite, which will be carried by Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in 2018. 

After Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne places MoonWatcher’s satellite into (LEO), everyone will see the moon as only astronauts and governments have seen before.  MoonWatcher will bring the moon to the PCs and mobile devices of educators, lunar enthusiasts and scientists giving equal public access to a view of the lunar surface, while it unveils its many mysteries and reports future exploration.

Why are so many people excited about the MoonWatcher project besides the cool rewards?  According to Google, the Moon is the most searched for subject in space…more than the Sun, even more than Mars.

Although we have learned a great deal about the Moon, we still have much to learn. Besides the Moon’s treasure trove of minerals that are needed here on Earth, we know that if we want to explore our solar system, the first step is the Moon. MoonWatcher will give you, the public, a front row seat to the greatest adventure of our lifetime, the exploration of the Moon.   

As MoonWatcher looks to the future, the stretch goals include a fleet of satellites, a MoonWatcher Channel covering all the excitement and adding a team of media professionals who will create in-depth lunar programming.

Tonight as we look up at the Moon, we will know that next year, with MoonWatcher, we will be joining other famous space explorers. Please give generously so that MoonWatcher brings the moon closer to all of us. 

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