Monumental Management, Inc. on Why Customer Service Matters

Monumental Management, Inc.'s team recognizes that the key to a sustainable, expanding business is exceptional customer service. As such, the managers work with team members to develop customer care initiatives.

​Krenda, Monumental Management, Inc.’s director of operations, discussed how the firm’s associates are indoctrinated into a customer service mind-set. “We don’t just train on customer service,” she said. “We fully engage our team in the process of creating plans and improving processes that ensure customers feel welcome and valued.”

Krenda shared a case study the Monumental Management, Inc. team reviewed and analyzed as an example of great customer care. “This is an extreme example of not disappointing customers,” she said. “Remember earlier this year when Foo Fighters’ lead singer David Grohl fell and broke his leg during a concert in Sweden? There was a crowd of fans there to see the band, but mostly to see him.”

"Consider the little things, such as the tone with which people answer the phone,"

Krenda, Director of Operations

“While the medical team checked him out, the band played some non-Foo Fighters songs. The concert could have even ended with rainchecks,” Krenda continued. “That’s not what happened, though. David Grohl did not want to disappoint his fans. With an EMT at his side, propping his leg, he came out and sang for the crowd. Now, rather than simply remembering the concert, people remember Grohl continuing on because he cared enough to make sure his fans were not disappointed. That’s customer commitment. He found a way to make them happy.”

Monumental Management, Inc.’s Leaders on Why Happy Associates Equal Happy Customers

Happy customers, like Foo Fighters’ fans, are those who return. According to Krenda, it begins with happy associates. “If your team is excited and enthusiastic, it bleeds through to the customer-facing aspect of your operations.”

“Consider the little things, such as the tone with which people answer the phone,” she said. “Do they sound listless and bored? Do they sound like their work is being interrupted? If so, you need to find out why and correct it quickly, because it speaks volumes to your company culture. Every call should be answered promptly, with a cheerful voice, regardless of whether the individual on the other end is miserable or discourteous. If your associates are customer-oriented, they see this as a challenge to surpass.”

“Bottom line, if you’re committed to ensuring excellent customer service throughout your organization, you’ll find that your business is sustainable,” Jennifer concluded. “Therefore, make it your priority. The results will follow.”

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