Monumental Management, Inc. Announces Team Promotions

The managers at Monumental Management, Inc. are pleased to announce the promotion of team members Katie and Monica. Both women have joined the management team. The firm's Director also announced that career opportunities are available.

“We are certainly delighted to see Katie and Monica ascend to the leadership ranks,” cited Krenda, Monumental Management, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “Both women have truly earned their promotions through their hard work.”

Katie and Monica were recognized for their contributions to Monumental Management, Inc. In particular, Krenda identified their effort and ambition as key reasons behind the promotions. “Katie and Monica have shown that they are committed to hitting their targeted goals, as well as providing outstanding service to customers,” she cited. “In addition, they model the type of associates who strongly reflect our firm’s deep values and principles.”

"Katie and Monica have shown that they are committed to hitting their targeted goals, as well as providing outstanding service to customers,"

Krenda , Director of Operations

Both women attributed their advancements to the firm’s commitment to professional development. “From the moment we joined the team, it was as if we had our own coaches,” said Katie. “Everyone was eager to work with us and show us the ropes.”

Monica extolled the virtues of the management training program. “I learned so much that helped me reach my goals and succeed,” she stated. “I am looking forward to helping other associates attain their professional goals as well.”

Monumental Management, Inc. Frontrunners Announce Career Opportunities

Krenda noted that as Katie and Monica meet their new responsibilities, she will be hiring new team members. “Both women will surely be facilitating major growth for our firm, so we are looking for new sales and marketing professionals to accommodate,” she said.

Katie added, “We’re looking for individuals who are motivated and performance driven. We need positive people who enjoy finding solutions and overcoming challenges.”

Monica indicated that Monumental Management, Inc.’s training program eliminates the need for extensive experience. “Our methods are so unique that we prefer to train our new associates ourselves,” she said. “We’ll work with them one-on-one to help them develop the skills needed to reach their professional goals.”

Both managers noted an emphasis on team building. “We are a cohesive group,” Katie added. “One of the things that attracted me to this firm was how strongly the leaders felt about building bonds among team members. Between weekly team nights and travel perks, you really get to know the people you are working with. This leads to stronger ties that increase our efficiencies.”

Monica shared, “You never have to feel like you’re alone in whatever you do here.”

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