Monsido Launches Powerful Tool to Personalize Website Content

PageAssist Empowers Users by Allowing Them to Customize Their Digital Experience

Monsido PageAssist

Monsido, a leader in web governance solutions that enhance user experience, today announced the launch of their first tool under the Compliance Shield umbrella. PageAssist, an add-on to the Monsido web governance platform, is a personalization toolbar that customers can add to their website as an overlay. The tool gives visitors with or without disabilities control over the way they experience websites, enabling them to surf the internet with ease and confidence.

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Many organizations have websites that are visually inaccessible for many users with disabilities. Failure to address these barriers can be due to a lack of technical understanding or because organizations do not want to change the look and feel of their homepage.

PageAssist allows website visitors to change or remove:

  • form elements
  • background colors
  • font color, size, and type

Users will also be able to:

  • better isolate and see menu items for easier navigation
  • toggle each tool individually or in concert with others, giving them full control over their own digital experience                    

Customers wishing to keep their own company branding will be able to add custom styles to the overlay.

Jannik Groentved, CEO, Monsido, said: “PageAssist is a powerful addition to our platform that gives customers the ability to present their website to a wider audience, including those with disabilities. We will continue to develop our software to help our customers better achieve their business goals and tap into a wider market.”

PageAssist is now available as an add-on to the Monsido web governance platform. To see the tool in action, book a demo.

About Monsido
Monsido is a fast-growing software company founded in 2014 that provides a one-stop web governance solution designed to give website visitors a superior browsing experience. Our time-saving auditing tool provides accurate and insightful information that helps organizations work with confidence to identify accessibility and quality assurance issues. This enables them to optimize their online presence and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Monsido has offices in the United States, Australia and Denmark. For more information, visit

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Monsido is a fast-growing software company founded in 2014 that provides a one-stop web governance solution designed to give website visitors a superior browsing experience.

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