Momentum Marketing Group Thrives With Award-Winning Team

The president of Momentum Marketing Group discussed the awards she and a fellow leader won during a recent retreat. She also outlined how these types of recognition bolster hiring and retention efforts.

​Momentum Marketing Group’s team continues to build its reputation as a forward-looking industry leader. This is largely due to the company’s dynamic team, which won prestigious awards at an annual retreat in the Bahamas. “The awards are certainly nice, but they represent the contributions of our entire group of high achievers,” stated Jessica V., the firm’s president. “I foresee more recognition of this kind, because our people constantly rededicate themselves to excellence and improvement.”

Jessica was officially promoted to the level of regional consultant during the retreat, which is an honor she was thrilled to receive. She commented, “My team has put me in position to achieve some great things, and this is among the most memorable. I know I owe this award to the whole Momentum Marketing Group organization, and I am humbled to accept it.”

There was another significant award given to a member of the Momentum Marketing Group family during the retreat. Holly S. won the Human Resources Director of the Year award, and the president is proud of her fellow executive. “Holly does so much for our entire team,” Jessica added. “To be singled out for such a prestigious commendation while visiting the Bahamas is about as perfect a way to recognize her contributions as I can imagine. I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat to see how many more awards our team can claim.”

Momentum Marketing Groups President on the Hiring and Retention Benefits of Corporate Awards

When Jessica and Holly won their awards at the Bahamas retreat, the president knew the recognitions would pay off in attracting top talent to the firm. “When we’re trying to bring in sharp prospects, the positive PR that comes with these awards certainly helps,” Jessica remarked. “Any top candidate who might be weighing several options gets an extra bit of confidence from knowing Momentum Marketing Group has an award-winning team.”

Winning business awards also aids in retaining top performers. The president stated, “We put our people in position to thrive here at Momentum Marketing Group, and we want them to understand the advancement possibilities available to them. It can be easy to lose sight of that through the daily grind of reaching high benchmarks, but having outside validation in the form of corporate awards helps remind our team members how much they stand to gain.”

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Momentum Marketing Group is Cincinnati’s marketing leader with years of experience providing dynamic promotions to their valued clients. They offer exclusive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, consumer engagement and market share growth. Their history of success has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening the connections between businesses and customers through generous rewards packages and sponsored vouchers. Their highly-skilled team of brand ambassadors has the talent and training to design captivating consumer experiences that create lasting brand loyalty. With offices nationwide, they reach important demographics and form partnerships with new businesses large and small. To learn more about how they have established themselves as industry leaders, visit


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