Momentum Marketing Group Stresses Holiday Customer Service

Momentum Marketing Group's leaders emphasize customer care throughout the year, including the busy holiday season. The firm's president discussed this priority and shared tips for dealing with seasonal stress.

“I believe the frantic holiday rush presents a prime opportunity for companies to live out their core values,” stated Jessica V., the president of Momentum Marketing Group. “For us, that means maintaining our commitment to great service, even as customer interactions reach peak levels. The demands of the holiday season give our team members plenty of chances to shine, and they come through in big ways.”

Company leaders help their team members thrive during the holidays by offering training sessions devoted to customer service and engagement. The president explained, “We want our people to treat each customer as though he or she was the only one. That can be difficult when you’re dealing with so many time demands and competing priorities, which the holiday season definitely creates. Here at Momentum Marketing Group, we think it’s important to focus on the fundamentals of excellent service, such as attentive listening and warm greetings.”

"We want our people to treat each customer as though he or she was the only one."

Jessica , President

Jessica and the rest of the Momentum Marketing Group executive team stress ongoing education and improvement at all times. The president added, “The holiday season just allows us to build even further on our developmental foundations. We bring our team members together for unique training sessions, and I think we strengthen morale and enable better collaboration in the process.”

Momentum Marketing Groups Leadership Confronts Holiday Stress

The president understands that stress can dampen productivity during the holiday frenzy, but she and her fellow leaders take measures to combat it. She commented, “Setting expectations and clarifying them periodically are critical during hectic stretches. The holiday season brings so many extra pressures, both in and out of the office, and I think it’s helpful to let your people know exactly what they need to get done. When you include status reports and track progress closely, it’s even easier to stay on top of things.”

Jessica also believes in giving her team members a little extra downtime when possible. “It’s tough to carve out time for unwinding during the holiday season, but we try our best,” she noted. “Even if it’s just an afternoon off to catch up on personal priorities like shopping, I think a little bit of time away from the pressures of the workplace can mean an awful lot this time of year. We know our high achievers here at Momentum Marketing Group can handle a lot of stress, but we do what we can to alleviate the strain of meeting holiday demands.”

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