's Top Tips For Wearing Heels

Top models are expected to wear all kinds of things. But the most taboo of all is also the most basic: Heels.

Top models are expected to wear all kinds of things. But the most taboo of all is also the most basic: Heels. As much speculation surrounds the long-term health effects of extended heel wearing, the people behind (the same site that helped you learn the top five things a model should never say out loud) are more concerned with how to make the fetish-based footwear bearable.

Let's face it; most modeling happens in heels. Which means that if you want to make it in the biz, heel-wearing ability is pretty much a requisite. The most we can hope for is to make it slightly less painful and these tips, which ModelPromoter compiled with a little help from, just might be the ticket:

1. Practice picking up pencils with your toes. It'll strengthen your feet and condition them for the footwear warfare you put them through daily.

2. Walk around your apartment on your bare heels. This repetition will get that part of your foot ready to handle the weight of your body while in motion, making it that much easier for your feet to handle it when they're doing the same thing with five inches of post beneath them.

3. Roll a ball back and forth underneath the balls of your feet. This pressure exercise will loosen up your bal-of-foot muscles, making them (hopefully!) less likely to cramp under the pressure of your daily shoe torture.

4. Tape your toes together. Use any kind of tape you please (we're told medical tape works wonderfully) and wrap your third and fourth toes together. It will up the steadiness of the ball of your foot and increase your ability to wear heels for longer without your feet giving out.

5. Switch up your shoes. Every pair of shoes you own targets slightly different pressure points on your pedis, so repeat offenses can add up to pain. Switching up your heel of choice each day will let the points on your feet that got it the worst yesterday rest today, and same for tomorrow and the next day, so the pain is more evenly distributed, so to speak. Want to go one step further? Instead of just switching your shoe selection each day, try switch up the heel height, as well. It's a double whammy against increasing pain.

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