Releases List Of Top 10 Redhead Models wanted to take a moment to salute the redheaded models around the globe... wanted to take a moment to salute the redheaded models around the globe. Sure, they may only look good in certain colors and cost extra to book because of the need for SPF 100 sunscreen, but they're still gorgeous, unique, and amazing.

They are also in danger of disappearing, so it is a good thing that they are being documented properly in their natural state of beauty. It seems like they should make sure they are breeding with other redheads to keep them in the population. Although if you ask a redhead you know, typically they say something like " no redheads for me!" People might need to send some encouragement their way...

There are some on the list that are considered more "actress" than "model" but I think we can all agree Emma Stone poses more for magazines than anyone on the planet. She may have glanced at ModelPromoter's list of how to get skinnier by tonight, before her photo shoot... These women all possess the mysterious fire that only exists in redheads, which parlays into amazing photo shoots and incredible models.

Without further ado, the Top 10 Redhead Models in the world:

1) Emma Stone-Actress/model, but still a model.

2) Faye Hamlin-Super pale and Swedish.

3) Christina Hendricks-Vivacious.

4) Angie Everhart-How many women have dated Howard Stern, Sly Stallone, and JOE PESCI!

5) Angelica Bridges

6) Cintia Dicker-Has modeled just about every brand on the planet.

7) Lois Griffin-The sexiest in all of television (now that Gillian Anderson's off the air).

8) Debra Messing-Make that lousy husband of yours jealous and show off that sexy bod on a magazine cover.

9) April Hunter-Model that can kick your butt.

10) Louie CK-Funny is sexy...

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