MobileAppDaily: How Crucial Are User Reviews for App Developers?

Mobile App Reviews, both positive and negative can augment your ASO to unprecedented heights only if you know these secrets.

Mobile App Review

App reviews, whether negative or positive constitute an integral part of not just an app development process but also the app economy. The user reviews mostly in simple superlatives as “the best” or “the worst” app ever voice the public opinion about an app. The star ratings, one or five is simply a way for users to call attention to their needs. While there are certain secrets hidden in an app review that most developers don’t know about, a constant vigil on user reviews and third-party app reviews can help developers spot loopholes in their app that might miss out the developer’s eye.

The importance of App reviews isn’t just limited to fixing what’s wrong but highlighting the unexplored potential of a product. A classic example of this is Play-Doh. Once a mere wallpaper cleaner assessed its reviews and found that many of its users were using the product for art projects, the developers took advantage of this information and tweaked and marketed their product as a children’s toy.

The golden opportunity would’ve never presented itself if people didn’t know about the app. It is to unlock such golden opportunities, developers need third party app reviews by app analysts like MobileAppDaily that boasts of a global readership to help developers to explore the untapped potential of their app and augment downloads.

Speaking of opportunities, the question then arises is that do award-winning apps such as Spot On or Mapillary need third party app reviews? The answer is a big YES, as the daily users do not follow technology based awards or conferences that award them and app reviews connect these innovations to the untapped user market. Once a user comes across such a review of, for example, App Lock, they have all the needed information to make them download it, followed by user reviews that further offer the developers an insight into their app. While these reviews leverage App Store Optimization, they augment app ranking algorithms as users find more content related to the app than just the simple specifications highlighted on the app stores.

Think of app reviews as movie critics who influence the commercial success of a film by convincing the daily masses what they’re missing on by not booking that movie ticket. Similarly, the daily user needs that mental push to go to the App Store and download that much-talked-about app.

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