MGN Online to Release 'Digital Plus' in 2022

MGNpro is designed to protect budgets and help achieve goals in 2022

MGN Online is excited to announce new features coming in 2022. By mid-term 2022, MGN Online plans to roll out what will be called "Digital Plus". When asked, MGN Founder and CEO Gill Davis said, "With the demand on the Digital News Market, MGN has been devoting their new development to capture the growing market of multi-tier digital News outlets. Some of the features we are working on are allowing social media integration of our content with our News Affiliates and their digital platforms." 

In addition to MGN Online's new social media features, next year MGN Online will be concentrating on its website. MGN Affiliates can expect to see improvements in navigation and functionality on Website improvements will be focused on MGN's search engine and content-building tools for customizing graphics and more, allowing MGN Affiliates to become even more efficient by acknowledging the importance of one's workflow and, most importantly, time sensitivity. Primary Development goals are to create a more seamless and intuitive way of integrating graphical content within news reporting. MGN will invite its Affiliates to participate in the development process by becoming a part of the Dev Team. This Affiliate Dev Team inclusivity has become one of MGN's hallmarks to success and to remain America's number one choice for news graphic content. 

About MGN Online 

MGN Online was founded in April of 1982 in Southern California with the mission to create and provide news graphics and other news-related image content to News broadcasting industry professionals. With over 39 years of experience in the industry, MGN Online has grown to obtain a lengthy well-diversified number of Affiliates across television, newspaper, web, mobile and a variety of multimedia platforms. Notable networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo and Univision all make use of MGN Online's news graphic services daily.



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