Metadata Secures Second Patent for B2B Lead Generation Technology

Metadata, Inc. (, the pioneering AI-operated demand generation platform for B2B companies, today announced that it has secured a second U.S. patent for its technology that generates demand and customer leads for B2B advertising campaigns.

Metadata’s technology leverages ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and an AI Operator to test advertising offers and channels at massive scale. The Metadata platform delivers volumes of targeted leads much faster and more accurately than can be achieved manually by an in-house advertising team.

The patent name is “Methods and systems for B2B demand generation with targeted advertising campaigns and lead profile optimization based on target audience feedback.” Full text and image are available here.


Disclosed are methods and systems for generating opt-in business leads utilizing targeted advertising campaigns. The method comprises first retrieving an ideal customer profile (ICP), and generating enriched candidates leads that match the ICP. Next, generating test campaigns, receiving feedback information on the test campaigns from candidate leads in test target groups, scoring each test campaign based on received feedback information, and generating a targeted advertising campaign comprising test campaigns with high campaign scores. Opt-in business leads are generated by selecting candidate leads that respond affirmatively to the targeted advertising campaign. The present invention utilizes a closed-loop approach to customize campaign audiences, to optimize targeted advertising campaigns and ICPs, and as a result, to produces high-quality, low-cost, opt-in leads for B2B companies.

The Patent link is  USPTO LINK

“Like an army of marketing operations experts, Metadata’s patented AI Operator automates manual tasks (e.g. UTM tag creation, a/b testing, campaigns setup, data enrichment) and provides CMOs with 100X the capacity to conduct multivariate offer and channel experiments against buying personas within their target accounts, accelerating existing opportunities and creating a predictable and scalable lead flow,” said Gil Allouche, Founder and CEO at

The Metadata platform is powering account based marketing campaigns at leading B2B technology firms including Nutanix, Mulesoft, Tipalti, Infoblox and many others. Since 2015, Metadata’s mission is to free B2B marketing teams from manual marketing ops work, employing an artificial intelligence (AI) operator that uses automated, multivariate experimentation to provide a predictable and scalable flow of leads and accelerate pipeline growth.

About Metadata

Metadata is a next generation account-based targeting platform, completely automated and operated by Artificial Intelligence. The Metadata AI Operator learns your ideal customer profiles based on historical CRM data, then builds audiences of your target customers and personas and deploys paid media campaigns automatically to deliver a predictable, qualified inbound lead flow. Metadata clients include Nutanix, Amdocs, Intel, Mulesoft, Infoblox and many others. For more information about Metadata, visit

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Metadata fuels your marketing campaigns with opt-in marketing qualified leads using patent-pending technology. By using look-a-like modeling, Metadata then runs targeted campaigns on paid media and converts net new prospects into qualified pipeline.

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