Metadata Announces Partnership With Conversica

Together Will Automate End-to-End Lead Generation Using A.I.

Metadata Inc. (, the pioneering AI-operated demand generation platform for B2B companies, today announced it has partnered with Conversica (, the leader in conversational AI for business. Together, the two companies automate the marketing and sales development process for B2B companies, from generating qualified leads to following up with them at a faster rate and with higher quality than can be achieved manually.

“Partnering with Conversica is a natural fit for Metadata; both companies have patented the use of A.I. to automate different parts of the lead generation process for B2B marketers,” said Gil Allouche, founder and CEO at “A top reason for marketers failing to build full pipelines is the break in handoff from marketing to sales or the sales team asking for more leads. Together, Metadata and Conversica fix the leak by streamlining the process and eliminating human bottlenecks, enabling companies to close more deals, faster.”

Metadata’s patented AI Operator helps marketers identify new customer contacts and target them with massively scaled multivariate tests of offers. Through machine-learning, Metadata is able to optimize the tests for conversion rates and opportunity creation to generate net-new leads, which are enriched and loaded into the marketer’s marketing automation and CRM systems. Conversica then accesses the leads from these systems and converts them into sales opportunities by using AI-powered virtual assistants that automatically engage, qualify and follow up with leads via natural, two-way email and SMS-text conversations. Both solutions are available immediately through the Metadata and Conversica sales teams.

"We are very excited to partner with Metadata because of the shared obsession with delivering value to our customers," said Alex Terry, CEO at Conversica. "This value is greatly amplified by the synergy between the two services. Metadata is a best-of-breed solution for generating scalable lead flow and Conversica is the best way to engage those leads and convert them to opportunities."

About Conversica

Conversica is the leader in conversational AI for business and the only provider of AI-driven lead engagement software for marketing and sales organizations. The flagship Conversica® AI Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way conversations. Used by more than 1,000 companies worldwide, Conversica’s sales assistants are built on a proven AI platform integrating natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to engage prospects over multiple communication channels and in multiple languages. Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, Conversica is a portfolio company of Providence Equity, Kennet Partners and Toba Capital and is headquartered in Foster City, California. To learn more, visit

About Metadata

Metadata is a next-generation account-based targeting platform, completely automated and operated by Artificial Intelligence. The Metadata AI Operator learns a company's ideal customer profiles based on historical CRM data, then builds audiences of their target customers and personas and deploys paid media campaigns automatically to deliver a predictable, qualified inbound lead flow. Metadata clients include Nutanix, Amdocs, Intel, Mulesoft, Infoblox and many others. For more information about Metadata, visit

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