Metadata Delivers A.I. Capabilities for Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn; Joins LinkedIn Marketing Partners Program

Metadata Inc. (, the pioneering AI-operated demand generation platform for B2B companies, today announced that is has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partners Program. Metadata’s integration with LinkedIn’s advertising APIs enables marketing managers to create, optimize, measure and ingest leads directly into their CRMs.

With Metadata’s new API integration, businesses that advertise on LinkedIn can now create and optimize account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns at scale while focusing on target decision makers at specific named accounts. Leveraging ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and automating the testing of campaigns, Metadata’s technology targets candidate leads who respond favorably to a customized advertising campaign much faster and more accurately than can be achieved manually by an in-house advertising team. Advertisers save time on manual tasks (e.g., a/b testing, manual campaign setup) and are assured that their campaigns are laser-targeted to attract demand and significantly increase numbers of qualified leads.

“We’re thrilled to bring Metadata’s patented AI Operator to millions of advertisers on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform,” said Gil Allouche, founder and CEO at “Metadata gives CMOs turbo-boosted capacity to conduct multivariate campaign execution using variables like asset, offer and creative -- accelerating the path to qualified leads and offering peace of mind in knowing that none of their ad spend is going to waste.”

“Marketers know that the key to optimizing demand gen is testing,” said Aya Fawzy, director of marketing at Skedulo. “Metadata’s AI Operator tests combinations of offers and creative on LinkedIn at a scale that we simply could not match with manual efforts, and costs-per-lead and conversion rates have improved accordingly.”

The Metadata Solution for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Metadata enables marketing teams and digital agencies to fully manage and optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns without manual work (e.g., campaign setup, UTM tags, etc.). With Metadata, marketing teams can: connect their LinkedIn Marketing Solutions accounts to their marketing automation and CRM platforms and optimize based on lead quality and pipeline impact; create Ideal Customer Profiles and discover look-alike prospects from target accounts and other audiences (e.g., competitive technologies); and run advertising experiments at scale using their entire inventory of assets, audiences, creative, text and campaign type. Campaigns are generated automatically and are fully optimized using machine learning, with opt-in leads automatically enriched and pushed directly into integrated marketing automation and CRM system in a complete, closed-loop demand generation flow.

About Metadata

Metadata is a next-generation account-based targeting platform, completely automated and operated by Artificial Intelligence. The Metadata AI Operator learns your ideal customer profiles based on historical CRM data, then builds audiences of your target customers and personas and deploys paid media campaigns automatically to deliver a predictable, qualified inbound lead flow. Metadata clients include Nutanix, Amdocs, Intel, Mulesoft, Infoblox and many others. For more information about Metadata, visit

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Metadata fuels your marketing campaigns with opt-in marketing qualified leads using patent-pending technology. By using look-a-like modeling, Metadata then runs targeted campaigns on paid media and converts net new prospects into qualified pipeline.

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