MedWaves AveCure® Ablation System: Microwave Energy Used to Treat Bile-Duct Blockages From Tumor

Microwave antenna in bile-duct

Doctors at hospitals in Turkey are successfully utilizing microwave energy to minimally invasively treat and reopen bile-duct blockages from tumors and stenosed stents. Bile-duct consists of a tube-like structure that drains the bile (byproduct of protein metabolism) from gallbladder and liver for healthy function. Backed-up bile condition is cholestasis and chronic compromise can cause infection and liver failure. Until recently, many patients with tumors related to bile ducts had very few options for establishing and maintaining bile flow over a long period after a treatment or stent installation. Most often, stents installed to establish and maintain bile flow would stenose from rapidly growing tumors around and within the stent. Frequent follow-up procedures are required to reestablish and maintain the flow of bile to prevent pain, complication, infection and liver failure. 

The doctors applied microwave energy to destroy tumor growth prior or post bile-duct stent installation to reestablish and maintain normal bile flow. The microwave energy is applied to the tumors in and around the duct and stent with percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC) using fluoroscope (real-time x-ray) images of liver, bile-ducts and gallbladder-ducts. A long flexible needle-catheter is inserted into the liver under fluoroscopy to locate and identify blockages using contrast dye. Once the blockage is identified, a smaller diameter catheter with microwave antenna is introduced into first catheter, the antenna is positioned along the duct and the microwave energy is applied using preset temperature and time durations. The antenna is retracted along the duct and the energy application is repeated until the desired length of the duct is treated. The doctors would remove the microwave catheter and verify bile-duct flow with fluoroscopy. The microwave energy application is controlled with direct temperature feedback from the ablation antenna during the procedure to ensure safety and efficacy.

AveCure® microwave ablation system is successfully treating tumors in bile-duct using a minimally invasive technique - the percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC) incision through the skin to access the tumor through the liver and the patient is left with a small hole in the skin, which quickly heals with almost no scar after the procedure. AveCure® system utilizes a smart antenna in either probe or catheter format and microwave energy controller to select the correct size, temperature and timer settings appropriate for safe, effective and predictable treatment.

AveCure® microwave ablation system is FDA 510(K), CE Mark and COFFEPRIS registered. The MedWaves AveCure® Ablation System is intended for use in percutaneous, laparoscopic and intraoperative coagulation-ablation of soft tissue.

The MedWaves Ablation System is not intended for use in cardiac procedures.

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