Microwave Energy Used to Successfully Treat a Large, Highly Vascular Sacral Plasmacytoma Tumor

MedWaves AveCure microwave ablation system provides neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon with a new tool to treat a tumor in a location where resection is impossible

Microwave ablation therapy of sacral plasmacytoma

Doctor Adrian Santana, a neurosurgeon at the main public hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, successfully treated a large sacral plasmacytoma using the MedWaves AveCure Microwave Ablation (MWA) system, developed and manufactured in San Diego, CA, to relieve pain, restore urinary function, and walking in a month. Microwave energy was applied to the highly vascular tumor using a minimally invasive surgical technique with an MWA system, C-arm, and microscope. The patient continued to recover without chemo and radiation therapy, and MRI at the four-month follow-up showed complete tumor destruction.

Source: MedWaves, Inc.


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