Maureen Clayton, Marc Schechter, and Jack Veale - ESOP Thought Leaders and Members - Release Articles

ESOP professionals write helpful articles on the ESOP process. logo is pleased to announce the release of three important articles by members Maureen Clayton, Marc Schechter, and Jack Veale. These articles are particularly essential because the public is often confused about what ESOPs are and how they work.

Maureen Clayton wrote Three Tips to Build Ownership Mindset - a look at empowering, uplifting, and engaging employees.

Marc Schechter wrote Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) - a concise explanation of the ESOP transaction, laws, and tax advantages.

Jack Veale wrote What Do Employees Get Out of an ESOP? - an examination of the benefits that employees derive from an ESOP transaction.

In each of these articles, these ESOP professionals expertly unpack the building blocks and the makeup of ESOPs to give the reader an inside look at an often misunderstood process and business continuity strategy.

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