Marvin v. Blake's New Audiobook 'Why: A Novel' Brings His Book to Life With a Stirring Audio Narrative Examining Three Co-Existing 19th-Century American Cultures

Recent audiobook release 'Why: A Novel' from Audiobook Network author Marvin V. Blake is a prolific work full of turbulent events of 19th-century American history, focusing on sisters who are forced to choose between love, life, and each other.

Marvin V. Blake, a senior hospital administrator, husband, and author, has completed his new audiobook, "Why: A Novel": a gripping and potent tale of choice, racism, and equality. Marvin V. Blake's heroic tale tells a story of two sisters who chose to be honest with themselves and pursue happiness, no matter the stakes.

"Why: A Novel" is an epic story sets in 1838-1863, chronicling the lives of two sisters, one white, the other black. Both sisters were born in 1847, three days apart, on the wealthy Rosewood Plantation in Virginia.

The white sister, Rebecca, is the child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Billings, master and mistress of Rosewood, one of the richest cotton plantations in Virginia. The black girl, Mandy, is resultant child of a sexual relationship between Mr. Billings and one of his female slaves. While growing up together, one a slave and the other her mistress, the girls are forced to adhere to harsh rules that separate white from black.

Mr. and Mrs. Billings hire a recent college graduate, Miss Eleanor Leary, a young, progressive Irish immigrant, to tutor their children, Rebecca and her brother Jesse. Despite her fear of breaking the laws that prohibit teaching slaves to read and write, Eleanor, at Rebecca's request, decides to include Mandy in their tutorial sessions, opening a whole new world for Mandy. Through the teachings and the eyes of the white teacher, Mandy slowly and gradually discards her insidious, lifelong feelings and her acceptance of presumed, inherent racial inferiority and self-loathing. Feelings and assumptions that Mandy had harbored and accepted from birth were now replaced with developing feelings of racial pride and personal self-esteem.

Listeners who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase the audiobook edition of "Why: A Novel" by Marvin V. Blake through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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