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OneSignal Push Notifier

Retainly exploits all possible channels to help communicate and engage with customers. With the release of the integration with OneSignal, Retainly marketing automation tool now provides the capability to send segmented and real-time push notifications to customers based on their behavior.

While still in Beta, Retainly claims to have more than 2,000 sign-ups in less than 2 months. The marketing automation platform also offers other communication channels like email, SMS, In-app other than the push notifications. The user of Retainly will now be able to design their customer outreach campaigns based on the preferred channels of their customers. While most of the other platforms enable un-targeted push notification blasts, Retainly has worked one step deeper in identifying the push subscribers, segmenting them in real-time, and sending them push notifications as part of their behavioral marketing campaigns. This will significantly improve relevant customer communications and engagement, leading to a better conversion and revenue for Retainly users.

"Push Notifications with behavioral segmentation and targeting is the future of Marketing Automation."

Soujanya Sharma

Media Relations

Earlier, Retainly had released its WordPress Optin Plugin to enable Lead Capture. Retainly also has a unique Promo Box that can embed a lead capture form even in supported 3rd party CMS applications like Medium. The leads can then be nurtured using Drip Marketing Campaigns, which significantly increases brand recall and conversion. These leads can have drip campaigns using any or all of the communication channels like email, SMS, Push and In-app. Retainly's behavioral marketing has been designed for simplicity, does not require any special training and can be used by just about anyone. The behavioral marketing campaigns have become a must for all Internet Based businesses, especially SaaS product companies, Stock Trading companies, Insurance portals, e-Commerce, Job Portals, who are able to send a real-time and very specific communication to their customers based on the events performed or not performed.

Retainly also offers the world's first online tool to test email for spam content. Bloghunt is discovery platform for blogger search built on the similar lines of Product Hunt. Retainly's email marketing software also has built in support to insert Twitter-like emojis into subject lines and the body, helping with significant improvement in email open rates. Retainly is among very few marketing automation platforms that offer the customer the freedom to choose their own email sending services, which give them freedom to use their own sending domain reputation and significantly reduce bounce rates. As road-map Retainly plans to integrate with email finder tools, as well, that can help customers capture more qualified leads. Discover more trending topics around Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Growth Hacking:

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