Customer Engagement Scoring for Email Marketing Automation

Retainly email marketing automation is getting more sophisticated by the day. The customer engagement score is a proprietary algorithm developed by Retainly engineers that automatically calculates a score based on customer events and actions.

Customer Engagement Score

Email Marketing Automation is a new and expensive platform enabling only large companies with deep pockets to utilize its true value. So far, due to the high costs involved, a larger adoption of marketing automation has been seen in the B2B industry. Small and medium businesses catering to a B2C audience are still grappling with the automation costs. However, marketing automation is a technology that can best suit businesses catering to a large volume of customers, usual in the B2C segment.

Retainly is one such automation tool that is not only increasing in its sophistication and a very different and unique approach to its product development, it is also a very affordable solution. The recent release of its Customer Engagement Score and Customer Rank shows the inquisitiveness of its engineers to provide large value to companies with metrics that are not available so readily elsewhere.

Speaking to Retainly's team, it appears that they are focused toward making marketing automation available and affordable to every internet-based business on this planet. While their SaaS subscription product is well suited for all SMB Internet businesses like Digital Media & Bloggers, SaaS startups, Job Portals, e-Commerce, Real Estate, and others, they also have an Enterprise Model for Banking and Financial Services. Online Stock Broking companies that manage a huge volume of clientele and are struggling with increasing transactional revenues from existing customers, are finding Retainly's Enterprise solution to be a blessing. This Enterprise business model allows Retainly to offset their costs in providing their subscription software at such affordable price point.

Retainly also offers free tools for both SMB and Enterprises. Some of these free tools are email spam checker - Try Now. Small but very critical integrations with 3rd party applications like NeverBounce and Proofy provide Retainly users with a holistic experience within their application. Retainly is also among the very few email marketing software that has the direct support of emoji embedding in the email subject line — read more about it here. Bloghunt is a free blog discovery platform that helps bloggers get found. Retainly Stories cover a vast arena of topics from the industry experts around Influencer Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Growth Hacking.

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