Marcio Pepe Releases 'Always and Never Again,' an Engaging Memoir Sure to Inspire

The insurance industry veteran's new autobiography talks overcoming odds and finding the courage to take a new approach in both work and life

Always and Never Again - Marcio Pepe

Marcio Pepe announced the release of his very first book, titled Always and Never Again: An Autobiography. First-generation immigrant and founder of his own insurance brokerage MPX Insurance Services, as well as the recent creator of the insurance shopping tool, Marcio Pepe knows how it feels to operate outside of his comfort zone. 

With raw conversational tone, Always and Never Again describes the numerous challenges and opportunities that Pepe encountered growing up a gifted tennis player who decided to make a way for himself by moving to the United States at a young age. One-part memoir and one-part business savvy, the book creatively juggles love and family with an intellectual examination of the nature of success in the face of adversity. It signals yet another milestone in the life of an individual who has worked tirelessly to make his mark on the insurance industry.


While grounded in Pepe's path to becoming a successful insurance professional, the book's most memorable passages cover life outside of the office. The organization of Always and Never Again shows the commitments Pepe has made to himself, commitments which continue to affect his life. As Pepe explained, "From learning to be the best tennis player I could be in Brazil and the United States, all the way to creating the best insurance brokerage possible from the ground up, writing the book has highlighted that commitment to myself and my values is where my success comes from."

On the self-publishing of his first book, Pepe explained that it started out as a project of personal reflection. "At a time in my career where I'm branching out in ways I've never attempted, it feels natural to look back on the progress I've made. It has been encouraging to realize that taking chances to pursue my dreams is something I've done from a very young age. Publishing this book represents another chance taken, and it's my hope that more individuals are encouraged to get in touch with their values and act on them."

Always and Never Again is now available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book download. 

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