Mainstreethost Partners With Monsido for More Digitally Inclusive Websites

Mainstreethost, a leading digital marketing agency, have partnered with Monsido, a leader in web governance software, to deliver more digitally inclusive websites.

Mainstreethost wanted to expand their existing digital marketing services with a website accessibility solution. The partnership with Monsido enables Mainstreethost to leverage the Monsido platform to offer better web governance practices for their clients. Beyond accessibility, the Monsido platform offers monitoring and automation tools for misspellings, broken links, brand and style guidelines, and more.

In addition, the partnership with Monsido enables Mainstreethost to resell Monsido PageAssist™, a complementary tool to other web accessibility compliance efforts. PageAssist by Monsido enables website visitors to customize the appearance of website content to suit their individual needs, such as font size, cursor size, color contrast and more. 

"We're excited for this partnership with Monsido and to play our part in helping make the web more inclusive," says Ross Marranca, President & CEO of Mainstreethost.

Mainstreethost has launched with the use of the Monsido platform, and PageAssist is available for purchase via Mainstreethost as of today.

About Mainstreethost
Mainstreethost is a leading digital marketing agency with locations in Buffalo, New York, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 1999, Mainstreethost aims to help businesses of every size achieve success online through effective digital marketing. The company boasts a diverse team of industry experts and a vast arsenal of services including Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Content Marketing. Visit for more information.

About Monsido
Monsido is a fast-growing software company founded in 2014 that provides a one-stop web governance solution designed to give website visitors a superior browsing experience. Our time-saving auditing tool provides accurate and insightful information that helps organizations work with confidence to identify accessibility and quality assurance issues. This enables them to optimize their online presence and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Monsido has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Denmark. For more information, visit

Source: Monsido