MAGNAK® Electrolyte Hydration Launches Additional Flavors and Unveils New Packaging

MAGNAK® Endurance Mix is a magnesium-rich electrolyte formula that lessens muscle cramps during endurance training

MAGNAK Endurance Mix Stick packs

IGH Naturals, a nephrologist-owned startup and the makers of MAGNAK®, a proprietary electrolyte formula, announces that they are launching additional flavors and packaging to expand their inventory. The company adds single-serving stick packs in flexible stand-up pouches in two additional flavors for athletes engaged in endurance training. Currently, MAGNAK® Electrolyte powder mix is available in 30-serving tubs.

The company attempts to expand its inventory by offering a variety of flavors and convenient packaging that is vital for today's athletes. "We listened to our customers. We were frequently asked about additional flavors and single-serve stick packs that would be useful for travel. We worked on both of these aspects and are pleased to offer these to our clients," says Dr. Kharait, the Founder and CEO of MAGNAK®.

MAGNAK®Endurance mix retains the same base electrolyte formula as MAGNAK®Speed Sauce, which was originally launched into the market in partnership with three-time world-record-holding endurance athlete James "The Iron Cowboy" Lawrence. In honor of James's 50-50-50, or the extraordinary feat of completing 50 full distance triathlons in 50 days in 50 states of the U.S., the company launched its first formula in 2019 in a signature "Iron Cowboy" co-branded bottle. MAGNAK® utilizes a unique ratio of electrolytes, particularly magnesium, sodium and potassium in their formulation by virtue of which it can lessen muscle cramping significantly when mixed with water for hydration. The formula is tested on a number of endurance athletes and is protected by two U.S. patents.

In the future, Dr. Kharait, the CEO of the company aims, to test MAGNAK® in a larger clinical study involving endurance athletes. "Magnesium deficiency is sub-clinical and silent in many individuals, including athletes, which can prevent them from achieving their best. There is a lot to be tested using this formulation, not just in muscle performance but in cardiovascular physiology of athletes particularly as they push their limits," says Dr. Kharait. By correcting electrolyte deficiencies, particularly that of magnesium, Dr. Kharait hopes that the MAGNAK® formula can improve athletic performance in a larger clinical trial.

The company generates most of its revenue via direct-to-consumer sales of its product through its e-commerce store and  Amazon online retail. This year, it is expanding its advertising operations in California with selected influencer partnerships and sponsorships of various athletic events in 2021-2022. Last year, the parent company successfully closed its Seed funding round despite the economic slowdown from COVID-19. The company is also expanding its intellectual property in the field of electrolyte medicine and hydration as it pertains to sports nutrition.

MAGNAK is a registered trademark of IGH Naturals, Inc.

Source: IGH Naturals, Inc.


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