IGH Naturals, Inc. Receives Patent for the Development of Nutrition With Human Milk Oligosaccharides for Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Nephrologist-led startup continues to expand its Intellectual Property.

IGH Naturals, Inc., a Rocklin-based startup that focuses on functional foods, has announced that it has received a notice of allowance (NOA) for its patent application that utilizes synthesized oligosaccharides for improving clinical outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease. The patent application is the fourth granted for the company.

The newly approved patent will allow the company to design medical foods using a blend of synthesized oligosaccharides for improving inflammation and its related outcomes in patients with early-stage kidney disease as well as those on dialysis. These synthesized oligosaccharides were first discovered in human milk and hence termed human milk oligosaccharides (or HMOs). The company's first HMO-based electrolyte formula, HuMOLYTE™, was granted a patent in 2021 and is designed specifically for patients on chemotherapy or those with infectious or inflammatory diarrhea.

Dr. Kharait, the Nephrologist Founder and CEO of the company, said, "I am glad that the data we submitted to the USPTO with our application allowed them to grant this patent in a timely manner." He added, "Patients with kidney disease suffer from many complications that are directly linked to gut health and inflammation, but specific therapies to reduce inflammation are either highly toxic or ineffective in kidney diseases, particularly in patients on dialysis. HMOs present a new option since they are safe and scalable and can be used through nutritional sources for these patients."

Synthesized oligosaccharides, including certain HMOs, are designated as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for oral consumption by the FDA. Many HMOs are commonly used in infant nutrition. The company plans to begin clinical trials on patients in the coming year and is looking for strategic partners.

Rich Foreman, the COO of IGH Naturals, Inc., said, "We are excited to continue our efforts to improve clinical outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease through medical foods that incorporate synthesized oligosaccharides. Our clinical nutrition arm is dedicated to studying HMOs in diverse clinical applications, particularly kidney disease, chemotherapy and alcoholism."

In addition to its HMO-based products, the company has a magnesium-rich electrolyte mix, MAGNAK®, that reduces muscle cramps and fatigue in athletes. This electrolyte formula has been granted two distinct patents for its formulation. The company published a clinical study using this electrolyte mix in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition last year. The startup has more patent applications currently in preparation and some in review by the USPTO, expanding the applications for their products to diverse clinical conditions - from athletic hydration to clinical nutrition.

Source: IGH Naturals, Inc.