Madison Horn Responds to the Endorsement Given by Former President Trump to James Lankford

Statement by Senate Nominee Madison Horn Concerning Lankford Receiving the Endorsement of the Leader of a Coup Attempt

Then-President Donald Trump with U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla.

Madison Horn, U.S. Senate nominee and cybersecurity expert from the state of Oklahoma, is running against James Lankford for the U.S. Senate. She has rural roots being from Stilwell, Oklahoma, and she is a Cherokee Nation citizen. Horn is running to work towards the promise of the American dream and represent Oklahomans who have been left behind by self-serving politicians. Oklahomans for Madison says, following recent polling, Madison Horn leads among Independents, has a six-point lead in Oklahoma City, the most populous area in the state, and is tied in the second-largest urban area.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, former President Donald J. Trump released his endorsement of Lankford. 

The following is an open letter of Madison Horn's response. 

"To anyone paying attention, the former President endorsing Senator Lankford should come as absolutely no surprise. After all, this is the same Senator who helped lead the disinformation campaign about the 2020 election, leading up to the moment when he had to be pulled away from the podium and whisked to safety.

"This endorsement is something Lankford has been working towards for the past 18 months, ever since he fell out of Trump's good graces. Lankford's loyalties no longer lie with Americans or Oklahomans, instead he has turned his back on them and betrayed his own moral standing by spreading disinformation, divisive rhetoric and his own extreme ideology that is only furthering this division.

"The American people are looking for a leader who can rise above the current political landscape. Politicians like Lankford have become the biggest proponents of fear-mongering and division in our society. This may give short-term gains and allow him to hold onto his limited power, but its long-term consequences are devastating. Our leaders should listen to the worries and challenges of everyday people and fight for solutions rather than spreading disinformation and division.

"A healthy democratic government operates in service of the people. Unfortunately, Lankford has lost sight of this purpose. Instead of serving his constituents and delivering real results, he is spreading harmful rhetoric and extreme ideology fracturing our country. We need elected officials who can rise above the current state of politics and restore civility and logic back into politics. I will work to increase transparency, foster collaboration, promote unity, and improve accountability at the highest levels of government while backing legislation to strengthen America's democratic foundations.

"As your next U.S. Senator, I will work to unify and apply logical solutions to the problems we face. I won't bend or break to partisan rhetoric or divisive movements."

Source: Oklahomans For Madison