Lynx Team Made Use of Training and Networking at Conference

The Lynx crew recently returned from a quarterly leadership conference in Texas. They took advantage of the networking and training opportunities, indicated Grant, the company's Director of Operations.

​​An important aspect of the Lynx company culture is the high priority placed on learning and professional growth. Grant asserted that everyone has the ability to improve themselves, and that this mind-set has been central to the company’s success.

“At Lynx we have always believed that continual learning is necessary to accomplish any ambitious goal,” he said. “It should be a component of every professional’s career. That is why we regularly send associates to industry events such as this recent leadership conference. They offer us chances to meet and learn from the best and brightest in our space.”

"I always encourage my associates to focus on quality rather than quantity,"

Grant , Director of Operations

Grant indicated that his team members were able to make the most of this conference, thanks to their networking skills. He asserted that there are plenty of extremely intelligent individuals attending such events who are ready to share their latest ideas and opinions. “Not only were we able to learn from several thought leaders in our industry, we were able to discuss our own strategies,” he explained.

According to Grant, networking skills are absolute musts for conferences. For example, it is useful to practice empathetic listening, the ability to truly comprehend what others are saying. Grant stated that another powerful technique is to share personal stories. Many conference attendees are happy to make friendly connections with others.

“I always encourage my associates to focus on quality rather than quantity,” he continued. “Many people try to get as many business cards as possible. However, I have always found that making a real connection with a few people is far more beneficial. Similarly, it is essential to realize that networking is just the beginning of a longer relationship.”

Lynx’s Director of Operations Discusses the Importance of Goal Setting

The Lynx team has had significant success at conferences thanks to their goal-setting practices, Grant explained. As with all other business objectives, the team’s networking goals are based on the S.M.A.R.T. framework.

“As an example, we always set specific goals for the number of people we will reconnect with after the conference,” he said. “We try to avoid objectives that are just about meeting people, and instead, focus on long-term relationships. I also have my team identify particular conference attendees that they would like to meet.”

This approach ensures a lot of success at conferences. Grant believes that these opportunities have not only benefitted Lynx, they have also offered some great chances for his team members to experience new places and achieve their own career goals.

“Networking is as valuable for the individual as it is for the company,” he added. “I think that our focus on such events has shown all our associates that we are ready to invest in them. We have a lot of fun together while accomplishing both individual and business goals. It’s great!”

About Lynx

Lynx specializes in the design and launch of experiential promotions that guarantee long-lasting, measurable results. The firm’s marketing managers ensure greater brand awareness, consumer loyalty, and impressive market share growth through their unique advertising format which connects consumers to their clients more effectively than conventional methods. They make this happen by conducting thorough research and analysis, and by utilizing unique means of communication that facilitate personal connections with target audiences. The company’s implementation of a progressive training program ensures that new associates are fully prepared to increase revenue on behalf of represented brands. A commitment to its core values sets Lynx apart from its competitors, and as a result, the team continues to enable their clients to excel.