Lynx Innovations Focuses on Customer Service

Lynx Innovations' director of operations highlighted the importance of providing great customer service. He also outlined the benefits of training team members to have a service mind-set.

​Company leaders at Lynx Innovations understand how crucial it is to keep customers happy. In a competitive marketplace, it can be the difference between long-term success and ultimate failure. “We are dedicated to engaging with customers and keeping them content,” stated Grant, the director of operations at Lynx Innovations. “Any business that doesn’t make this commitment is risking irrelevance.”

The firm’s associates know that happy customers lead to referrals for new business. By building a reputation for providing stellar service, Lynx Innovations’ team members are setting the firm up for sustained growth and prominence. “It’s great to watch our people in action,” the director added. “They know how to anticipate customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Through their efforts to research target markets and emerging trends, they bring new business to our firm and keep everything here on the right track.”

"It's great to watch our people in action,"

Grant, Director of Operations

Lynx Innovations’ Director of Operations Discusses Training for Great Customer Service

 Customer service is a key point of emphasis in the firm’s training efforts. Grant explained, “We stress going above and beyond for customers during our training program. That focus extends to ongoing development as well. Through monthly training sessions, we keep our people up to date on fresh trends in the market. We also make sure they are equipped to answer questions about our current and future campaigns.”

The ongoing training efforts reflect company leaders’ desire to set high benchmarks when it comes to providing unmatched service. “We don’t want to merely meet customers’ expectations,” Grant added. “We want to exceed them on a regular basis. I think we have done an outstanding job of establishing that mind-set throughout our organization. When you have a shared commitment to taking care of customers, great things happen for everyone involved.”

Grant reminds his associates of a few simple behaviors they must maintain to deliver unparalleled service. “You must be honest and transparent when you are dealing with customers,” he said. “If you want them to know that you appreciate their loyalty, you have to make realistic promises, follow through on them, and be completely open about roadblocks that might emerge. It’s also crucial to have alternate solutions in place when problems do occur. Our team does a great job working with customers. I think it’s due in large part to our continuing education program.”

 About Lynx Innovations

Lynx Innovations specializes in the design and launch of experiential promotions that guarantee long-lasting, measurable results. The firm’s marketing managers ensure greater brand awareness, consumer loyalty, and impressive market share growth through their unique advertising format which connects consumers to their clients more effectively than conventional methods. They make this happen by conducting thorough research and analysis, and by utilizing unique means of communication that facilitate personal connections with target audiences. The company’s implementation of a progressive training program ensures that new associates are fully prepared to increase revenue on behalf of represented brands. A commitment to its core values sets Lynx Innovations apart from its competitors, and as a result, the team continues to enable their clients to excel.