Look for Authentic Enteral Connectors for Enhancing Neonatal Safety at Large

With the best hands working on the essential development of neonatal safety, patients can be rest assured to avoid any misconnection errors in future.

​NeoMed Inc. is a leading name in the entire medical industry that has been delivering and manufacturing a complete line of enteral collection and delivery products that have been specially designed for the neonatal and pediatric patients. We are dedicated to supporting all the clinicians with a wide variety of materials that can be used to enhance the quality of the treatment that is being provided to the patients.

Since the focus have always been on the safety of the neonatal patients, we came up with  enteral connectors to minimize the mistakes that takes place in transfusing the medicines. The EnFit syringes are available in various sizes so that it can be used for varied purposes. Right from 05. ml to 60 ml, they are available in all sizes including the oral dispensers with purple gradient markings and amber dispensers with white gradient marking. The NeoMed Enteral Safety System (ESS) became the first system that complies with all of the recommendations set forth by ASPEN, AAMI, The Joint Commission and the USP Medication Safety Forum. Our first set of products developed included the enteral syringes, extension sets, and the feeding tubes.

When compared to the rest of the brands that are available in the market, it has been seen, that NeoMed's oral dispensers provide visibility and control of smaller doses with 10% longer stroke. The rigid O-ring plunger design is preferred by most of the users as well as experts for the smooth and accurate delivery that it provides when compared to the flexible rubber style plunger tips. As far as precision in the measurements is concerned, it accurately aligns with the gradient marking so that the amount of dosage is not missed under any circumstances.

We know that any medical development is a continuous process and hence our research is still on. There is a wide range of products that we are going to come up with in the near future to enhance the enteral safety expanding beyond the neonatal patients and reaching out to a greater community. If you have questions or are interested to know more about us, feel free to call us at 770-516-2225.

About the Company

NeoMed Inc. was formed in 2007 to meet the need of creating quality neonatal devices dedicated to enhancing patient safety and with the vision of producing enteral systems that eliminated dangerous misconnection errors commonly resulting from using IV products to deliver enteral nutrition.

Source: Neo-Med- National