NeoMed Offers Quality ENFit Compatible Connectors & ISO Connectors

The latest entry of neonatal products is uniquely designed to enhance safety and outcome of neonatal patients.

​The arrival of neonatal equipment has significantly revolutionized medical care of new born who require special treatment. The entire neonatal care requires biomedical technologies, such as devices that can keep babies warm, resuscitate, track growth, treat jaundice, and provide oxygen or respiratory support. The increasing demand and informal collaboration of neonatologists, manufacturers, and industry leaders have led to the production of good quality equipment of several high volume categories in the USA. NeoMed is one such leading manufacturer that presents their unique line of neonatal and pharmacy products specifically designed to enhance safety and outcomes of the neonatal patient.

The product portfolio includes a whole lot of devices and equipment such as neonatal catheters and kits, urinary drainage catheters, umbilical catheters, ISO Connectors, insertion kits, breast milk containers, and other neonatal systems. All these products have remarkably enabled an expansion of neonatal care in the country, particularly in distinct hospitals, health care units, medical institutes in the public sector.

The expert manufacturers make sure that all these products meet the international quality standards and are even exported to developed nations. The massive growth of the indigenous industry resulted from a number of chance collaborations between physicians and young entrepreneurs. NeoMed too is no exception. To deliver the best service and supply, NeoMed has built partnerships with all national Group Purchasing Organization and IDNs. Additionally, they are also partnered with all National Prime Vendors as well as selected regional speciality dealers.

NeoMed never compromises on quality. The present line of products is exceptional regarding quality and functionality. They are easy-to-use and uniquely designed to improve clinical outcomes and enhance enteral safety for both children and adults. They will continue to develop its unique position, focus and vision for the patient.

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About the Company:

NeoMed, Inc. was formed in 2007 out of the need to create quality neonatal focused devices dedicated to enhancing patient safety.

Source: Neo-Med