Find Quality ENFit Feeding Tubes at Competitive Cost

NeoMed offers its unique line of neonatal products and biomedical equipment that are specially designed to enhance the safety of the patients.

​With the emergence of NeoMed medical equipment, the medical industry has remarkably evolved over the years. A whole lot of new products are now available in the market. The vast line of products is specially designed to take the safety of the neonatal patients to another level.

Recently they have come up with a unique line of quality neonatal products which are predominantly designed to benefit the neonatal patients in various ways. Over the years, they have constantly worked on bridging the gap between basic research and the commercialization of new drugs.

Since its establishment, the NEOMED Institute has so far employed 175 people working in 23 independent small and medial-sized companies focusing primarily on the development of small molecules.

Over the years, they have developed, strong partnership National Prime Vendors and selected regional specialty dealers which in a way demonstrate the value of the NeoMed products.

The unique line of products include syringes, feeding tubes, amber pharmacy, pharmacy caps, extension sets, ISO connectors, pump solutions, DoseMate, syringe-to-syringe coupler, cleaning tool, transfer lids, and more.

To enhance the safety features and ensure quality, they have been able to implement global standards to minimize the risk of accidental misconnections of enteral systems to other small bore connectors, such as IV lines, resulting in patient harm.

For years, NeoMed has been known for keeping constant supply of EnFit products over 7, 000 US hospitals as well as 700 in Canada and 7, 000 in Europe. Their unique understanding of specialized needs of the neonatal and pediatric patient and pharmacies leads to the development of a comprehensive approach that meets clinical and supplies chain needs in a cost-effective way. On the top of that, they are committed to providing quality solutions to minimize process disruptions by recognizing the need to preserve efficacy, safety, and continuity of standards.

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About the Company:

NeoMed, Inc. was formed in 2007 out of the need to create quality neonatal focused devices dedicated to enhancing patient safety.

Source: Neo-Med