LOKLIK Announces All-in-One Cutting Machine for Crafters & Beginners

LOKLIK Crafter

Today, LOKLIK, a rising newcomer in the do-it-yourself tools market, announced a revolutionary arts and crafts cutting machine with advanced features such as faster cut speed, ultra-quiet operation, and intuitive design. For more information about LOKLIK Crafter, visit here: https://www.loklik.com/

LOKLIK Crafter is the ultimate creative tool for arts and crafts. It connects with computers to transfer files for cutting on a variety of materials such as vinyl, leather, and more. LOKLIK Crafter sets itself apart from other cutters for beginners on the market with upgraded features that address problems with typical cutters, such as slow speeds and loud operation. This smart cutting machine is highly efficient, with an amazingly fast cutting speed so that users can concentrate on creativity, batch similar designs quickly, and eliminate waiting times. At 63 x 24 x 20 cm, LOKLIK Crafter is ultimately versatile, weighing only 7kg. With plenty of work area at 12 inchesx24inches on matless materials, LOKLIK Crafter is ideal for creating larger patterns and for cutting small designs in batches while saving valuable time. With many materials supported, the creative possibilities are endless. To create a better working environment, LOKLIK adopts superior noise-reducing technology, making it much quieter than other cutting machines on the market, at only 60 dB, for a quieter crafting experience.

"Cutting machines are one of the most powerful tools that crafters, makers, and artists can take advantage of. Until recently, these machines have been loud, heavy, and prohibitively expensive. Now, using the latest technology, fast, precision material and pattern cutting can be achieved easily, even at home. Our goal with LOKLIK Crafter was to create the ultimate all-in-one cutting machine that was affordable and easy enough to allow anyone to use. Our design is revolutionary: a multipurpose tool that can cut different kinds of material. LOKLIK Crafter is quieter than other typical cutters, perfect for home-based arts and crafts and is the ultimate tool of artistic expression." - Allen, CMO at LOKLIK

With precision-cutting ability, high efficiency & speed, along with multi-machine operation modes, LOKLIK Crafter is the most user-friendly cutter on the market and the best way to get into the exciting world of crafting. 

What's more, LOKLIK Crafter helps beginners get started fast by providing designs on their digital content base - LOKLIK Workshop. Also, people can check out their free app: LoklikIdeaStuido. These included images and projects are designed by professional illustrators and can be used alone or as part of any unique design a user creates. These files can be a great source of inspiration and open up the world of crafting to anyone. LOKLIK Workshop is also preparing a "Creator Project" for users, coming in the first quarter of 2023. This project is backed up by LOKLIK with 1 million dollars and is a good chance for crafters to stand out. View more details: http://www.loklikworkshop.com/

Meanwhile, as a new brand in the handicraft industry, LOKLIK will hold a launch event in the meta university, a new way full of high tech. It combines the innovation of craft lovers and the creative connection with DIYers. Check here to get further information: https://cloud.xspaces.online/xspaces/#/?code=aus1en8n

The LOKLIK Crafter is perfect for beginners and new crafters and is a handy cutting tool for artistic expression. It is the quietest, most user-friendly cutting tool that lets users realize their ideas at the touch of a button. LOKLIK Crafter will be available on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here: https://signup.loklik.com/

Source: LOKLIK