LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto Honored American Good Design and MUSE Design Awards

The ace heat press machine of LOKLiK is highly recognized with both international design awards simultaneously.

LOKLiK, a global inspirer in the handicraft industry, today announced the latest prizes for one of its most intelligent machine products. LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto earned in 2024 the Platinum Award of American Good Design and the Silver Winner 2024 of MUSE Design Awards. Both awards stand for the minimalist design style and home-friendly concept LOKLiK strives to convey.

The American Good Design Award is a global platform for outstanding designers, founded by the American International Design Award Association and held by International Award Associaton Limited, while the MUSE Design Awards is an international design competition dedicated to recognizing excellent and original design work from across the globe. Adopting a strict confidentiality evaluation system to ensure fairness in the evaluation, the outstanding design works that have won the awards are considered capable of greatly impacting people's lives, enhancing the living standards of society, and stimulating social innovation.

As one of the honored award-winning projects, LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto stands out as a revolutionary automatic heat press, integrating portable and modern design with automatic pressure technology to redefine efficiency and versatility. Its all-in-one body weighs only 36.7 lb, equipped with handles on both sides for easy carrying. Combining an advanced lifting system with dual-zone heating functionality, it achieves perfect pressure for heat transfer creations with only one "Start" click, supporting seven efficient preset modes and providing users with an unparalleled crafting experience.

Other than the one-click ironing feature, this automatic heat press machine also corroborates itself for improved security through an exclusive structure design, the pullout drawer ironing board, and a multi-layer thermal insulation shell. The self-designed gadget is praised by most users as being thoughtful and practical for household use, effectively reducing the incident rate of scalds caused by hovering heat and high temperatures. 

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of user experience and traditional counterparts, LOKLiK equips the auto heat press machine with an unparalleled fast heating experience and patent structure design, greatly supporting the final performance.

"LOKLiK places great importance on innovation and efficiency as we invest in not only R&D but also home-friendliness. We're thrilled and honored to take this credit, which means the LOKLiK ImPressTM Auto has earned the recognition of industry-leading designers and experts. This award-winning experience is also a one-of-a-million chance for LOKLiK to showcase its exclusive innovation and technology to the world, stepping forward positively and firmly in the new-coming DIY era and winning a bigger stage to further serve creative communities," said Herman, the CEO of LOKLiK.

"Empowered by the two international awards, we will concentrate on more concise and aesthetic design out of user convenience while remaining steadfast in being aligned with the increasing industry demands."  

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Source: LOKLiK