LOKLiK’s First Offline Welfare Event in London to Support Suicide Prevention Cause

The leading innovative corporation LOKLiK supports an offline crafting activity in London, fundraising for a non-profit organization.

LOKLiK, a renowned player in the DIY industry advocating for creativity, co-sponsored a dynamic DIY social service event with Momtaz Begum-Hossain, an influential voice in the realm of creative expression, in East London. The proceeds yielded at the event will be donated to the Calm Zone, a public suicide prevention organization, demonstrating LOKLiK's unwavering commitment to bearing greater social responsibility.

At the event, LOKLiK showed great support with its ace products, heat press machines, and heat transfer materials in various patterns and colors. The LOKLiK ImPressTM Easy and Mini won preference, while the diversified materials inspired participants to create freely, from simple patterns to complicated images. In addition to the craft essentials, the participants enjoyed on-site guidance from the skillful craft master, Momtaz.

LOKLiK joined hands with Momtaz, the leading organizer of the event and also a 15-year knowledgeable editor of the UK's oldest crafts magazine, Popular Crafts, who insists that exploring and sharing traditional handicrafts helps foster cultural connections and deeper understanding among people, aligning with LOKLiK's social service philosophy, and driving Momtaz to launch offline crafting activities.

LOKLiK marked its first step on the social service journey in London by channeling the money raised to the Calm Zone, a national charity established in 1997 in Merseyside, Britain. This organization is dedicated to making positive changes in suicide intervention via mass media such as sports, music, comedy, and fashion.

"We hope this event will help realize that DIY transcends merely creativity; it also conveys psychological comfort and fosters social connections among individuals. Through our products, people from different backgrounds can feel the joy of crafting and express themselves freely, therefore promoting cultural exchange and enhancing social bonds further," Allen He, the CMO of LOKLiK, emphasized the broader significance of DIY activities.

"I feel like I have been healed via crafting. I never thought that it could bring me such comfort and calm feeling," one attendee added. Resonated with these sincere words, Momtaz stated that feedback like that is the main reason she insists on launching these craft workshops. Crafts boost morale and confidence and are a great memory to remember and be proud of. In the middle of churning out exclusive creations with LOKLiK's products, people can improve their hands-on ability, unleash their creativity, and unlock a sense of accomplishment. 

Besides supporting the Calm Zone and spreading awareness about suicide prevention, LOKLiK has long organized and supported social welfare activities in different countries and regions under ESG principles. "We believe that creative activities will play a more important role in empowering people and creating a sustainable, harmonious, and promising future while performing as a tool to fulfill our imagination. It's just the beginning for LOKLiK in London. We cherish this city and see this as our first step forward," said Allen He.

Source: LOKLiK