Local Students Receive New Laptops and Learn About Communications as Part of Summer Internship Program With the Brand Advocates

Interns at The Brand Advocates Get Behind-the-Scene Looks at Local Newscast

The Brand Advocates, an award-winning communications firm based in Miami, hosted its first class of interns this summer as part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Summer Youth Internship Program.  Sponsored by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the Foundation for New Education Initiatives and The Children’s Trust, the program provides high schools with hands-on internship opportunities to enhance their skills.

"Being an intern for the Brand Advocates was a truly eye-opening experience in an excellent workplace environment,” said Tyreeka Johnson, a senior at Miami Central Senior High School. “I've learned so much about public relations and how the media operates.”

"We were thrilled to create this learning experience for our interns. This was a win-win. We will participate in the program again next summer and look forward to developing a growing network of future communications professionals."

Courtney Cunningham, Managing Partner

During the five-week paid internship, the students accumulated 150 hours of experience.  The Brand Advocates coordinated weekly outings for the interns that allowed them to get exposure to opportunities in the communications field including a lunch session with local news reporter, Terrell Forney, a tour of the MDX Traffic Management Center and a behind-the-scenes look at how a local newscast is produced at WPLG Channel 10.

“The Brand Advocates Academy wasn't just an internship but also an experience of collaboration, responsibility and dedication,” said Jorge Torres, a senior at Felix Varela Senior High School. “It was a great place to learn lessons from true professionals. I picked up important lessons and it was a priceless experience.”

Each intern received a new laptop, backpacks and other back-to-school gear as they head back to the classroom in August.

Source: The Brand Advocates, Inc.

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