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Bennett Movers, a local New York moving company specializing in the eviction process, has reached 25 years in business. As a way to celebrate this landmark achievement for them, their relocation specialists have decided to provide some important tips to keep in mind when moving, and finding a reputable partner to assist you. As an eviction moving company operating just outside of New York City, they've learned quite a bit regarding the eviction process, how to plan a move, and whom you should trust.

Moving When Eviction Is Involved: Eviction moving is Bennett's bread and butter. Through the eyes of a landlord, eviction is tense and unforgiving (for the tenant). Oftentimes evicted residents will leave items behind, forcing landlords to use specialists like Bennett to remove anything left behind. But, the real value here is having a moving partner, like Bennett, who understands how to file the necessary eviction documents with the court. Eviction is a delicate legal procedure, and having a certified eviction mover will save you a hassle in the long-run between filing proof of certification and insurance papers.

The Best Times To Move: According to Bennett, the best time to move depends on many factors. Families should plan to move over the summer since kids are off from school and daylight hours are much longer. Keep in mind, though, an average commercial moving company tends to be very busy during the summer. Winter moving offers much cheaper rates for deal seekers, and the fall tends to offer good real estate prices. Bennett advises people to evaluate their motivation for moving, and then plan from there.

How To Vet Moving Companies: There are great resources to checkout a mover's reputation, but Bennett believes even those can be misleading. Some of the most common moving company scams including cubic feet pricing, misleading quote prices, and inaccurate estimates. A good way to judge a reputable mover is to analyze their estimation process. The best kind of estimators will ask questions about bed frame weight, if you're selling anything prior to the move, and if you're including any food items.

As a two decade mainstay amongst New York movers, Bennett has seen the best and the worst of the moving process. If you're living in the New York area and need professional eviction moving services, visit their website now and get a free quote today.

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