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The world's first on-demand multilingual digital media platform LINGOFLIX set to launch GARAM CHAI the world's first Urdu language on demand web show.

Lingoflix is the new independent multimedia platform for multilingual programs developed by Global Crossover. Lingoflix is designed to support the undiscovered talent, the emerging artists and filmmakers, producers and directors of multilingual programing who deserve an opportunity to speak directly with their respective language based target audience around the world, 24 hours a day without having the hassles of traditional tv networks. As the global expatriate audience move toward on-demand digital platforms to address their programing needs, Lingoflix is gearing up to introduce the next generation of media creators by providing them an independent multimedia network to promote and market their original work as well as connecting them to the right demographic.

Taking the entrepreneurial step further Lingoflix is launching its first original Urdu web series "Garam Chai" or "Hot Tea" on 1.1.16. Garam Chai is the world's 1st on-demand Urdu web show connecting the people of United States to the rest of the Muslim world. Produced by Second Chance Studios in Washington D.C. Garam Chai will take the viewer into the everyday lives of Americans of Pakistani and South Asian descent. Who are they? What do they do? Are they any different from anyone else in America or around the world? Meet real people who inspire and motivate others to lead positive lives. Witness how they succeed despite the odds against them. Garam Chai will also address the myths and the reality about Muslims in America and help dissect facts from fiction. Garam Chai is a show dedicated to American Desis celebrating the diversity of America​.

View GaramChai on and support your local talent and media entrepreneurs. Anytime is now the new Primetime at Lingoflix.

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