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Garam Chai is Ready to Drink on - I'm Watching It!

------ Global Crossover in association with Second Chance Studios and Vimeo On-Demand is pleased to announce the launch of Garam Chai the world's 1st Urdu on-demand web show. The series will have multiple hosts on an adventure to discover Desi Americans while introducing fresh talent from the U.S., Pakistan and beyond.

Garam Chai episodes are now available to rent and view for a limited time starting at 99 cents for 48 hours with the option to save 59% and watch all 10 episodes at $5.99 available to stream worldwide on any device connected to the Internet for a 72 hour streaming period. On this historical day in Urdu broadcasting celebrate the event by becoming a founding member of Lingoflix.

Enjoy the debut season of Garam Chai and see where it's characters will lead you as they meet, speak and co-exist with people from varying back grounds and points of view. Learn more about Americans of Pakistani, Indian and south Asian descent. They are Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hindus. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and much more.

Join us in supporting the independent talent and new-media entrepreneurs by being a part of Lingoflix the next-generation multimedia platform for multilingual content creators addressing a desi, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi speaking​ expatriate audience worldwide.

Step into the candid life in America, simply through a hot cup of Garam Chai

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