Lime Light Management's 2017 Professional Learning Progress

The managers of Lime Light Management recently reflected on the interactive marketing firm's accomplishments for 2017. As they noted, it was a successful year, albeit fast paced. They also shared their expectations for 2018.

"Diamonds are created under pressure,” stated Abraham H., Lime Light Management’s Director of Operations. “This year we saw significant growth and still managed to maintain the high level of success brands have come to expect from our team.”

The growth to which Abraham referred was Lime Light Management’s expansion into three major cities: Columbus, OH, Pensacola, FL, and Nashville, TN. “By entering these key markets, we’ve demonstrated that our on-site campaigns are capable of yielding tremendous outcomes when it comes to product visibility and bottom-line results. This is a testament to our team’s hard work. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope and take strategic risks to ensure excellent representation for brands.”

This diligence paid off in the way of travel for many associates in 2017. “Our people had a chance to participate in multiple business conferences in cities around the country,” Abraham stated. “I was privileged to deliver a keynote address at one, an opportunity that is a tremendous honor in this industry.”

In addition to conferences, team members were fortunate to travel to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the annual rest and relaxation trip. “The highlight of that trip is the awards ceremony,” Abraham explained. “Our team was recognized with several awards.” 

Lime Light Management’s Director of Operations Describes Plans for 2018

Abraham noted that he expected Lime Light Management’s success in 2017 to be surpassed by their performance in 2018. “This next year will be the year of the young entrepreneur,” he said. “We are gearing our people up to forge into even more markets in the coming months.”

As Abraham said, professional development for all associates will be a key focus in 2018. “Our culture is rich in ongoing learning,” he explained. “We will continue to build on our team members’ strengths and help them realize their career goals as our firm maintains a reputation for measurable results. Leadership and talent development will be emphasized so that our people are ready to take on new challenges and put their innovative spirits to the test.”

“The momentum we started in 2017 is going to continue to increase,” Abraham stated. “I expect to see our people and our firm become even stronger in 2018.”

About Lime Light Management

 Lime Light Management is a leader in dynamic marketing solutions. The firm’s skilled brand ambassadors thrive on engaging people and building product awareness. Using state-of-the-art research techniques and real-time feedback, they optimize each campaign to deliver high ROIs. Lime Light Management’s commitment to ongoing learning and staying abreast of trends has earned the team a sparkling reputation in their field. Backed by supportive leaders, they infuse their passion into all they do. Learn more about their accomplishments by visiting 

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