Lime Light Management Provides Access to National Leaders

Top Lime Light Management producers attended a national conference in Dallas. The firm's President discussed the event, and highlighted some of the company's tips on networking.

“We make travel available to our brand ambassadors as often as we can throughout the year because of the powerful impact seminars and conferences have on our careers,” stated Abraham, President of Lime Light Management. “When we step outside our comfort zones and travel someplace new, we expand our minds by default. Add to that the chance to learn from some of the most successful people in our industry, and it’s possible to get an idea of just how much inspiration and motivation an ambitious professional can come back with from something like the Dallas trip.”

Each quarter, qualifying team members from Lime Light Management attend a national networking and leadership conference in Dallas. This event is a chance to meet business leaders from across the country, sharing best practices and gaining insights into the way other markets operate. It also includes an awards ceremony honoring those who have achieved significant professional milestones recently. 

“The awards ceremony is probably my favorite part of the Dallas weekend because of how impactful it is to listen to their stories,” shared Abraham. “Often, they overcame big challenges to hit their goals, and hearing what they went through makes us realize that we’re capable of hitting any target we aim at as well. I’ll admit that it’s very motivating to hear how much money these people are making as a result of their perseverance.”

Lime Light Management Prepares for Conference With Networking Training

The benefits of building a professional network are many, which is why Lime Light Management’s training program includes networking skills. That way, when the team travels to events like the Dallas conference, they are prepared to connect with other attendees. 

For instance, one of the first contacting lessons that Lime Light Management team members learn is to be selective. It’s better to make two or three deep connections throughout a weekend than collect a handful of business cards, but not have a clear memory of the conversations involved.
“The chance to share ideas with industry leaders, along with rising stars in our field, is an opportunity to be seized,” declared Abraham. “Our networks are where we can share in the accumulated career wisdom of our contacts, and get a big-picture view of what we do. Networking is an executive skill that sets a person up for success, and I’m proud to both teach our team members how to do it, and then give them chances to hone their techniques.”

About Lime Light Management

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