Lime Light Management Embarks on San Antonio Expansion

The President of Lime Light Management detailed the firm's expansion into the San Antonio market, as well as the team members leading the charge. He also shared his thoughts on the importance of setting aggressive goals.

“Opening a new market is always an exciting time for a company,” stated Abraham H., the President of Lime Light Management. “We’re happy to announce that we’re opening a new location in San Antonio that will enhance our firm’s power in the marketplace. Joe and Cristian are running this expansion effort, and I have full confidence in their abilities.”

Joe and Cristian are currently assistant managers with Lime Light Management. The firm’s President added, “These two have really come into their own in recent months. It’s safe to say that they’ve consistently exceeded expectations with regard to building up their teams and posting big wins for the brands we promote.”

There are two campaigns ready to launch as soon as the San Antonio location is up and running. Abraham remarked, “We’re ready to capitalize on the potential of this bustling market. We’re proud of the breakthrough success we’ve helped create for represented brands, but this new venture will help us achieve even greater results.”

Lime Light Management’s President on the Importance of Setting Ambitious Goals

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential for a company to continuously set higher benchmarks. Abraham added, “Even when we’re achieving big wins, we know we can’t maintain the status quo. Succeeding in the long run means never settling or resting on our laurels. We impart this message to everyone who joins Team Lime Light Management, because we want all our brand experts to challenge themselves day in and day out.”

The true value in clear goals is that they allow people to measure progress. With well-defined outcomes in their sights, professionals know exactly where they stand in the process and what improvements need to be made. Abraham commented, “Our people can make adjustments that lead to long-term success when they put clear objectives in place from the beginning. This keeps them engaged in every project from start to finish.”

Clear objectives also help team members make the most of their daily efforts. The firm’s President stated, “It’s easier to focus on the most impactful actions when you have a solid idea of what the next step in the process is. The only way to set meaningful priorities is to establish specific outcomes and work backward from them.”

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