Lime Light Management Building Foundation for Success

Lime Light Management's team recently took time to reflect on their success in the past year with an all-company celebration. In addition to recognition, they met with influential industry leaders.

​Abraham H., Lime Light Management CEO, said, “We had a great 2017 and it was because of our team and the hard work they demonstrated. They met and even exceeded their goals and ensured that we were able to provide the brands we represent and their customers with a high level of service at all times.”

“Excellence like we’ve achieved at Lime Light Management deserves an award night that is fit for the stars,” Abraham stated. “We all headed to a casino banquette in Oklahoma where we enjoyed an elegant black-tie affair.” In addition to an awards ceremony, the event included a delicious dinner and a presentation from top industry leaders.

As Abraham reiterated, he believes it is important to recognize team members. “This is part of good leadership,” he said. “There’s no one individual responsible for our achievements. We all play a role, and I appreciate and value each person in our organization for their contributions. When we take time to celebrate our collective and individual accomplishments together, it strengthens our team and builds momentum for further success.”

Lime Light Management’s Team Builds Networks for Success

One of the big benefits to the Lime Light Management team’s celebration was the chance brand specialists had to meet with some of the company’s top leaders. “Networking is one of the success factors we stress here,” said Abraham. “What better way to connect with such influential individuals than while everyone is festive and having fun.”

“We provide our people with plenty of opportunities to grow professionally through conferences and events like these,” Abraham stated. “Networks are treasures for career-minded people. Therefore, it’s important, especially for young professionals, to have access to industry leaders and others with whom they can build solid relationships as they advance.”

At this event, the top-level managers spoke on their own experiences and what they have learned in this industry. “We learn so much from people who have been there, done that,” said Abraham. “Not only do we attain more knowledge, listening to their firsthand accounts of what it takes to succeed is inspiring. These are people who started at the entry level and rose to the top. It’s motivating to know that when we are determined to push ourselves to deliver more, to learn more, to grow more, anything is possible. These leaders are proof that we can do it.”

Reflecting on the energy this celebration drew, Abraham concluded, “We had a great 2017, but it’s nothing compared to what we can do in 2018.”

About Lime Light Management

Lime Light Management is a leader in dynamic marketing solutions. The firm’s skilled brand ambassadors thrive on engaging people and building product awareness. Using state-of-the-art research techniques and real-time feedback, they optimize each campaign to deliver high ROIs. Lime Light Management’s commitment to ongoing learning and staying abreast of trends has earned the team a sparkling reputation in their field. Backed by supportive leaders, they infuse their passion into all they do. Learn more about their accomplishments by visiting

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