Life-lighting Launches K55 Solar Powered Generator for Providing Comprehensive Outdoor Travel and Camping Solutions

K55 solar powered generator

Life-lighting has launched a multi-function solar powered generator, which coupled with intelligent protection features provides for comprehensive outdoor power solutions. The K55 power generator is portable, which makes it convenient for travelers to have constant access to a power source while mobilizing on long distances or areas with no electricity access. The K55 power generator has also been designed and optimized as a camping generator and various functionalities have been added which enable people to have a fulfilling camping experience. Similarly, the large battery and solar-powered recharging capability make it useful in any area having access to solar irradiation while the long battery life can provide functionality for a number of days. 

The K55 solar powered generator has been designed for a wide range of applications with multiple DC and AC output ports, which enable people to operate and recharge various electronic devices simultaneously and utilize it as a camping generator. Similarly, the power generator is capable of providing multiple output voltages through various output ports including 5V-9V USB output, 9V-12.6V DC output, and 110V/220V AC output, which significantly increases the functionalities and applications of the generator and enable people to operate all sorts of electronic devices in a highly convenient manner. The battery of the solar-powered generator has a large capacity as well as short full battery charging time, which provides people with the convenience to operate various electronic devices simultaneously without fretting over the battery capacity.

The operation of the camping generator has also been standardized for safer use by introducing various protection features, which not only regulate its normal use but also extend the overall life of the device. The power generator has been provided with features to ensure the tolerance limits for temperature, discharging, load, current, and voltage, which keep the device operating at maximum efficiency and protect it against unforeseen circumstances. Similarly, the power generator has been provided with a fire prevention mechanism with the highest prevention grade ratings, which makes the generator environment-friendly and valuable for safe indoor and outdoor use. 

Significant features of the K55 solar powered generator

· The generator has an intelligent LED display, which provides real-time information regarding input, output, and remaining battery capacity.

· The generator has been provided with an ergonomic handle, which makes it highly convenient to carry it.

· The generator has multiple outputs for operating a wide range of electronic devices.

· The generator has provided numerous protection features for ensuring safe environment-friendly use.

· The generator provides comprehensive camping and outdoor traveling solutions.

Significant specifications of k55 camping generator

· The generator has a high-quality lithium-ion battery with a large capacity of 346Wh or 93600mAH.

· The generator provides a continuous AC power output of 350W.

· The generator has a lightweight of 4.3-kg. 

· The generator has a long lifetime of >500 times in comparison to others having similar specifications.

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