Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. Advises on New Disclosure Requirements

Leading Life Settlements Company Discusses Policy Changes for Consumers to Increase their Awareness

Life Insurance Settlements, Inc., the leading broker of life insurance settlements in the United States, is proud to have supported the successful effort to bring consumer disclosure to the company’s home state of Florida.

The Florida state legislature passed a bill earlier this month that contains a key consumer disclosure requirement to protect Florida consumers who are considering making changes to a life insurance policy. The legislation, HB 1007, is a wide-ranging bill designed to combat insurer fraud in the state of Florida.

Consumers have scored a victory in Florida, as they will now have a wider range of options available to them if they own a life insurance policy they no longer need or can no longer afford. The great majority of them will be hearing of the life settlement option for the very first time

The Life Insurance Settlements Association (LISA) plans to work with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and the Department of Financial Services to develop additional resources, including brochures for consumer policyholders who may be considering selling their policy instead of lapsing and/or surrendering, as well as helpful resources for professional insurance or financial advisors to discuss with their clients.

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