Learning Experiences by Design (LXbD) Partners With Thought Leader and Life Coach Gina McAndrew

LXbD connects with a new partner, life coach, business owner, and professional facilitator, Gina McAndrew, to introduce her crisis leadership learning experience, "Leading with Empathy."

"This partnership with LXbD is a great opportunity for me to be able to offer my latest learning experience about how to lead with empathy to frontline managers and supervisors across a variety of industries. LXbD's model of offering live learning experiences on-demand in a style, format, and at a cost that makes sense to the organization is extremely relevant today," explains Gina McAndrew.

Shane Green, founder of Learning Experiences by Design (LXbD), says, "We are excited to have a partnership with Gina and be able to present her learning experience to our clients and the business community. Gina already customizes a lot of her work to frontline leaders, making our collaboration seamless and the outcomes effective."

LXbD works with thought leaders and experts to develop learning experiences on-demand—meaning they are available when they are most needed. Green says, "While there has been a tremendous push to do all training via technology, we know that a blended learning approach is required. So, while online training is on-demand and easily accessible, we wanted to do the same for live learning in partnership with some great thought leaders. We are excited to be able to offer these masterclasses on topics that managers need most."

About Gina McAndrew: Gina is the president and owner of her training and consulting business with over 30 years of experience. She is recognized as a leading resource for employee training and development and specializes in leadership, management, team-building, and customer service training. With an acute ability to connect to her audience, Gina's professional certifications as a professional facilitator are commendable.

About LXbD: Learning Experiences by Design provides live learning experiences on a variety of skills, ideas, and topics. Clients will be able to choose from an extensive marketplace of live learning experiences and trainers from around the world. If you cannot find the LX you need, LXbD will utilize its vast network of thought leaders to develop it at no cost to you. LXbD also offers facilitators and trainers, certified by world-renowned speaker and trainer, Shane Green, to deliver either an instructor-led LX or your own orientation, leadership development, or other in-house programs.

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Source: LXbD