Learning Experiences by Design (LXbD) Partners With Learning and Development Professional, Marc Jablon

LXbD welcomes Marc Jablon, a highly energetic learning and development professional, to introduce his learning experience, "The Creative Negotiator."

"This partnership with LXbD is a great opportunity for me to be able to offer my latest learning experience about how to negotiate to frontline sales managers and supervisors across a variety of industries. LXbD's model of offering live learning experiences facilitated by certified trainers in an on-demand style and format, and at a cost that makes sense to the organization, is extremely relevant today," explains Marc Jablon.

Shane Green, founder of Learning Experiences by Design (LXbD), says, "Marc has an incredible approach to tapping into the creative forces within everyone. We believe his content and learning experiences are very relevant to our modern world. Therefore, we are very honored to have him join the LXbD team." LXbD has a team of trainers and facilitators around the world that are certified in a variety of modules and learning experiences. The business has created a lot of flexibility for organizations as they look to elevate their learning offerings and strategies.

LXbD works with thought leaders and experts to develop learning experiences on-demand—meaning they are available when they are most needed. Green says, "While there has been a tremendous push to do all training via technology, we know that a blended learning approach is required. So, while online training is on-demand and easily accessible, we wanted to do the same for live learning in partnership with some great thought leaders. We are excited to be able to offer these masterclasses on topics that managers need most."

About Marc Jablon: Marc has an extensive background in performance and theater, which has brought him great success in his career in learning and development. From facilitation to content creation, Marc specializes in several disciplines, including negotiation, emotional intelligence, communication skills, leadership development, change management, and organizational behavior. Marc holds a B.A. in history and political science from Indiana University and a master's of fine arts from the University of Washington.

About LXbD: Learning Experiences by Design provides live learning experiences on a variety of skills, ideas, and topics. Clients will be able to choose from an extensive marketplace of live learning experiences and trainers from around the world. If you cannot find the LX you need, LXbD will utilize its vast network of thought leaders to develop it at no cost to you. LXbD also offers facilitators and trainers, certified by world-renowned speaker and trainer, Shane Green, to deliver either an instructor-led LX or your own orientation, leadership development, or other in-house programs.

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Source: LXbD