Latin Leap EdTech and OpenExO Launch ExO Quest to Leapfrog Education in Latin America

Latin Leap VC Studio together with OpenExO are launching a virtual ExO Quest to promote disruption in Education. ExO Quest is a multidisciplinary exercise for global thinkers to debate and co-create the vision of the future in education. The objective is to design the vision of a desirable society in Latin America through education for the next 20 years, connecting technology and humanity.

Latin Leap, Venture Capital Studio based in Latin America and Asia, joins forces with OpenExO to host ExO Quest Education and elaborate guidelines for Education Leapfrogging in Latin America.

More than 50% of students in Latin American schools do not reach the basic PISA levels, and less than 50% of the population today learns elementary computer skills. The pandemic exposed the inefficiencies of the education system in most Latin American countries and the need to rethink the future of education through improvements in existing models, the discussion of new methodologies, and a new mindset for learning.

"We find there are both important gaps and opportunities for education in Latin America," highlights Salim Ismail, founder of OpenExO and Co-Founder of Singularity University. He continues, "Together with Latin Leap and applying our proven OpenExO methodology, we will be able to identify formulas for the much-needed leap in the quality of education in the region".

For the first time in history, through the so-called ExoQuest, an array of renowned world thinkers in the field of education, neuroscience, philosophy, art, and public and private corporate segments, will meet with actors from the local ecosystem to debate and bring relevant insights about the next 20 years in education.

Stefan Krautwald, Founder of Latin Leap VC Studio, adds, "We are overwhelmed with the interest in our ExoQuest. There is a broad commitment to transform education and break the paradigms overshadowing progress in Latin America. The world has evolved dramatically in terms of education and has generated a great deal of complexity in educational philosophies, practices and technologies for every step of the learning process. It is high time to organize the education landscape into a roadmap that can be put into practice by the private sector, with ideas and capital."

About Latin Leap

Latin Leap is a Venture Capital Studio created to provide a unique platform for responsible investment in international technology companies with sustainable business models, and provide efficient access to Latin American markets. Selected global scale-ups receive human and financial commitment from Latin Leap for their implementation in the region, creating an e2e (emerging market to emerging market) tech bridge.

About OpenExO

OpenExO is a global transformation ecosystem with more than 8,000 coaches, investors, consultants, and innovation specialists, helping organizations, institutions, and people unlock abundance using technology to change the world.

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