Canopy, Singapore-Based WealthTech Platform, Primed to Enter the LATAM Market Through Partnership With Latin Leap

The partnership will propel the expansion in Latin America and provide local institutions access to world-class information platforms for investment portfolio tracking. Canopy offers account aggregation, analytics, and reporting solutions to financial institutions, wealth management professionals, and high net-worth individuals.

Singapore-based Canopy, a leading WealthTech platform for sophisticated investors, partners with Latin America-based Venture Capital Studio Latin Leap. The partnership seeks to drive further international expansion of Canopy in Latin America and provide institutions and family offices with greater access to solutions to efficiently manage their portfolio investments.

Through its adaptive, cutting-edge technology, Canopy supports institutional and private investors by allowing them to slice-and-dice their data to the most granular detail and offering rich analytics on top of clean data. With wealth management on the rise in Latin America, there is a growing interest for top-notch information platforms

"We are excited to offer our solutions to Latin American family offices and institutional investors. The partnership with Latin Leap fits perfectly into our expansion strategy for emerging markets," said Tanmai Sharma, CEO of Canopy.

Latin Leap, a leading Venture Capital Studio focused on opening up opportunities in Latin America for Asian tech scale-ups, aims to become a key pillar for supporting the globalisation of the region's tech sector.

"It is an encouraging signal for the Latin American WealthTech market to see international leaders such as Canopy arriving in the region. We look forward to supporting the company's growth in Latin America," said Stefan Krautwald, General Partner of Latin Leap. "Canopy's data aggregation tools are cutting edge and will greatly benefit local investors such as family offices as they strive to develop clearer views on the separation of family and company wealth."

About Canopy

Canopy offers account aggregation, portfolio analytics, and client reporting solutions to financial institutions, wealth management professionals, and high net-worth individuals.

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About Latin Leap

Latin Leap is a Venture Capital Studio (VC Studio) that was established to soft-land purpose-driven tech companies in Latin America. Through strong human and financial commitment, Latin Leap aims to provide international tech scale-ups with access to essential resources for successful deployment in Latin America. Latin Leap is positioned to operate at levels of efficiency characteristic of tech-based companies.

By offering preferred access to corporate partnerships and experienced venture partners who serve as gatekeepers of the Latin American market, Latin Leap aims to help tech companies establish a unique geographical footprint in the region through the testbed market of Colombia. Latin Leap is Official Market Entry Partner for Enterprise Singapore.

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