Lane Family Dental Highlights Best, Worst Halloween Candies for Dental Hygiene

With the trick-or-treating season on the way, Lane Family Dental has provided a guide to how different candies impact oral hygiene.

“As the American Dental Association notes, it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy some Halloween candies—just so long as you also brush your teeth at least twice daily, in addition to consistent flossing,” comments Lane Family Dental.

The best candy for oral hygiene is chocolate. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, chocolate is the easiest candy to wash off the teeth. Additionally, dark chocolate is fairly low in sugar compared to other types of candy.

Meanwhile, sticky and gummy candies tend to be the worst for oral hygiene, as they stay on the teeth longer and can be difficult to clean off. Hard candies can be similarly problematic, and in fact, they can actually break the teeth if not eaten carefully.

Sour candies are also dangerous. “Sour candies tend to be highly acidic, and that can actually weaken the outer shell of the teeth,” Lane Family Dental comments.

Ultimately, any kind of candy can be bad for oral hygiene—but the risks can be moderated by robust and routine oral care. “Be temperate in your candy consumption, make sure you brush and floss thoroughly, and if you haven’t had a professional cleaning lately, now is the time to schedule one!” comments Lane Family Dental.

Lane Family Dental provides excellent dental care to patients of all ages. The family-oriented office is a relaxing, convenient location for those in the Wasilla, Alaska area. More information on the practice is available at


Lane Family Dental is a family dentistry practice providing excellent oral care to patients of all ages. The practice offers a full spectrum of general, cosmetic, and emergency dental services. With a convenient and relaxing office location, Lane Family Dental proudly services the residents of Wasilla, Alaska. The practice can be contacted at:

1301 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: (907) 373-2200


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