Winning Smiles Shares Best Practices for a Cavity-Free Halloween

Winning Smiles Custom Dentistry & Implant Center provides some tips for remaining cavity-free during the trick-or-treating season.

The trick-or-treating season can be fun for kids of all ages. From the costumes to the candy, there is much to love about family-friendly Halloween festivities. With that said, there can also be some drawbacks. Many parents worry about the effects that all that candy can have on their children’s teeth — and rightly so. Winning Smiles Custom Dentistry & Implants sets the record straight, providing parents with all the information they need to ensure a cavity-free Halloween for their little ones.

“You don’t have to forgo Halloween candy altogether just to avoid cavities and tooth decay,” Winning Smiles says. “Just help your kids make wise decisions and practice sound oral hygiene, and you can minimize the risk of any dental abnormalities.”

First and foremost, parents should ensure their kids brush and floss properly — as soon as possible after consuming their Halloween haul. “The longer candy lingers on the teeth, the greater chance there is that it will yield cavities,” Winning Smiles says. “Make sure your kids brush right after they eat their treats.”

Parents are also encouraged to make their child an appointment for a routine cleaning. “Hopefully your child sees the dentist and the hygienist about twice a year,” Winning Smiles says. “If not, now is an ideal time to call us and make an appointment. Have your child’s teeth examined to ensure everything is in good working order.”

Additionally, parents are encouraged to consider the kinds of candy their children consume. “Not all Halloween candies are created equal,” Winning Smiles notes. Chocolate candy, for example, tends to be easy to clean from the teeth. Sticky or gummy candies linger on the teeth for longer periods of time and are harder to fully remove. As such, they are more likely to cause cavities.

“By being attentive to some dental health basics, you can help your whole family enjoy a sweet and cavity-free Halloween,” Winning Smiles concludes.

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